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Today marks an important anniversary in my life… an anniversary of survival. A year ago today, I had a second surgery to deal with all of my abdominal surgery complications. The second surgery was, by far, the most worrisome. My husband says that the staff were worried about me… I don’t know how much he […]

Slightly off-topic… but who cares. 🙂 This video was the clear favorite of my students this past quarter: Water Bear Don’t Care It’s a rap about an incredible tiny organism that can survive in extreme conditions, even outer space! Highly recommended. 🙂 And now that I’m officially done with the quarter (including giving four zeroes […]

I was talking with a gym friend a few days ago about how I feel that I can’t take off too much time from the gym when I’m sick or injured, because of my MS. He looked at me funny, and I needed to explain… which makes me realize more of the lack of public […]

Hey… yes, I’m still here. My workload actually got lighter last week, which was my last teaching week of the quarter, but my brain was circling in a million different directions… burnout at work, etc. I’m still here–really, I am. 🙂 Recently, I had a 6-week follow-up after starting Gilenya, and all seems to be […]

pi day recipe!


So, in full nerd spirit, I had my annual Pi Day Party yesterday. We had a full living room! 🙂 Lots of Pi’s. I always encourage people to bring a mix of food so that we can actually eat dinner, but alas, we still had a bunch of dessert. (I have to laugh: a math […]

… not a dollar short, but a day behind in posting! I have too many spinning plates that I’m trying to hold up! First things first: Saturday is the Pi Day of all Pi Days, right? Even though I have so many things going on, I have to have a party. All things Pi and […]

As you know, I don’t always write about MS, here. I am a college educator (I still have trouble using the word “professor”, since that implies a one-way relationship, as I had with my faculty back in the early ’90’s) and improving the system for our students is a big priority for me. I work […]