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An open letter to those with loved ones or acquaintances dealing with an MS diagnosis. Last Tuesday, after band rehearsal, I was chatting outside with a bandmate and let him in on my still-relatively-new diagnosis (6 months this Tuesday). He seemed stunned and told me he didn’t know what to say, was “thinking of something […]

I’m probably not the only one with rrMS who lives in denial a large amount of the time. Really, my symptoms are largely in remission, and as long as I keep on injecting my Rebif, eating my veggies, getting enough sleep, working out like a maniac, living a stress-free life……. all of the above, I […]

I think most of us in the MS community are aware of her passing yesterday–cause of death publicized as “complications from MS”. Not all of my friends are in-the-know about my condition, but a few who are messaged me last night about it, to make sure I was OK. It’s said that Annette had a […]

So, yeah… it’s been over a month since I’ve posted here. Not for lack of things to say, but teaching two new classes plus having to keep a close watch on repeat offender cheaters toward the end of winter quarter took up every last second of my time. Luckily, this go-round, I’m teaching two courses […]