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What is the American dream? What is your dream? Career? Lifestyle? Think about it… What do you really want out of life? I’m being a bit abstract… but watch this space. 🙂

For the past few years, we’ve been growing weary of Seattle. Maybe we just haven’t fallen in with the right crowd, and/or maybe by being in our 40’s, our peers are more focused on family and career than we are. We’ve had a rough time finding a long-term social crowd: understandably people come and go […]

(happy november!) I recently read an article about a couple who was satisfied with their life with their child, in a comfortable neighborhood, with jobs that they like, just down the street from work. And I was a little jealous. Because I can never sit still like that. I always want more. You see, I […]

I’ve mentioned before that, despite the fact that I keep my MS symptoms almost entirely in check, I still don’t bring it up at work. Too much of a risk. They’ll think of all the media hype about disability, Annette Funicello, etc etc, and put me in that category, short-shrift me of the assignments that […]