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A few days ago, I saw my MS specialist for an update after my recent MRIs (there was some concern that I may have had a minor relapse without knowing it). But–ends up that my MRI hasn’t changed a bit. I haven’t had any new MS activity! (I guess my bad days are just that–bad […]

We all have opinions on something, right? Opinions are like… OK, not gonna say it. But we all have ’em. I happen to have a lot regarding exercise and nutrition, and some of them go against common wisdom. However, I think many rehab folks would agree with my thoughts on strength training for MS patients: […]

Oh, leaving work today, I knew how lethargic yesterday’s workouts were… to the point of my being whiny-pants in my usual Tuesday strength and core class. (I hope they let me back in.) So I was thinking of bagging the usual shorter Wednesday run, especially since I teach evening spin, and always lift weights beforehand […]