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No, of course not. The husband and I are still very happily married, thankyouverymuch! Many of you who know me personally are aware of my obsession with traveling. Even when I was a child, I would look through travel agency brochures and dream of places like London and Paris (both of which I’ve been to… […]

living abroad


There are a lot of expat bloggers that I’ve read… But have any of them had MS? Or a chronic disease that has to be monitored regularly? I’ve put a lot of thinking time into how to do something like this. I’ve traveled a lot, I’m growing weary of the introversion (and elitism…) of Seattle, […]

get outta here!


Too many of us with a chronic disease end up sitting around at home–whether from chronic fatigue, chronic pain, too much inward focus on *us* and our disease, and/or lack of funds (because of having to pay for treatment). And yet travel is one of the best gifts/investments you can ever make. To quote Mark […]