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Soooo often… I talk to people who are overwhelmed… can’t take care of their health, their exercise, their sleep, whathaveyou… but they tell me that “hopefully things will calm down in the next few months”. Will they? What are you actively doing so that things WILL calm down? Because really… snowballs are snowballs. Entropy happens. […]

I write this post from the hospital, recovering from an emergency surgery to deal with complications from this. While I understand that many of their patients don’t come in with my background (teaching physiology and general interest in holistic health), I feel like many of my concerns have not been addressed. Which makes me worry, […]

Just a reminder that we often need to be the squeaky wheel and speak up for ourselves in the medical world. (This is true whether or not you have MS.) It has been over a week since I’ve injected Rebif. This is the longest I’ve gone without a disease-modifying drug since my diagnosis. Initially, I […]