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it’s on!


Hey! Friday night, the 19th, was opening night! At Driftwood Players in Edmonds, we opened Neil Simon’s Proposals, which I am producing. Fantastic actors and a wonderful director for this show! If you happen to be in Seattle, come see my show, for sure! We have two more weekends running after this one. So, please […]

About the other day… yesterday, in fact. I was at the gym, hefting around some heavy weights (chest-pressing with 35 lbs in each hand… not bad for an MS patient “pushing 41” in a few months) and had a brief chat with a guy, I’m guessing mid-50’s. He said something about the doctor wanting him […]

For the past few years, we’ve been growing weary of Seattle. Maybe we just haven’t fallen in with the right crowd, and/or maybe by being in our 40’s, our peers are more focused on family and career than we are. We’ve had a rough time finding a long-term social crowd: understandably people come and go […]