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get a grip


Just a few days ago (a supposed partial “day off” where I only had 2 hours of my online job, so I could catch up on cooking, cleaning house, and prepping fall quarter), I broke a dish. Luckily, it wasn’t a sentimental one. It was a useful one, so that was annoying. But I had […]

Check out this video I recently came across–it’s targeted at arthritis relief in feet and ankles, but believe me, it also provides benefits for MS folks: I found it a few days ago, because something I did (probably in my workouts) caused some spasticity in my right shin, foot, and ankle that just didn’t want […]

OK, I’ve drawn much of this conclusion before. But I figured I’d reiterate my thoughts, since I haven’t seen this talked about anywhere, really. People with MS develop chronic pain. Yes, it’s a nervous system disorder. The nervous system is this big, amorphous, not-well-understood thing. And the source of much of this pain is also […]