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So… I’ve been wondering about my spinal reflexes. (Which has me thinking about new disease activity. I guess it’s time for yet another doctor’s appointment…) Just over a week ago, I was unloading band equipment from our truck, the electric piano teetered in a way I didn’t expect, and… well, I caught it, and the […]

I write this post from the hospital, recovering from an emergency surgery to deal with complications from this. While I understand that many of their patients don’t come in with my background (teaching physiology and general interest in holistic health), I feel like many of my concerns have not been addressed. Which makes me worry, […]

I’ve mentioned before that, despite the fact that I keep my MS symptoms almost entirely in check, I still don’t bring it up at work. Too much of a risk. They’ll think of all the media hype about disability, Annette Funicello, etc etc, and put me in that category, short-shrift me of the assignments that […]