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I try not to be negative about my MS, whether here or in real life. But sometimes, I think it misleads people to believe that everything is all unicorns and rainbows. Which it isn’t, right? I have been tired. I have lost strength, and I’ve had moments of blurred vision–not to mention paranoia about losing […]

A problem for many of us with MS is optic neuritis–by definition, this is an inflammation of the optic nerve, but in MS patients, the nerve can become demyelinated. As this nerve provides visual processing, damage can lead to devastating results, and catching any problems early on is important. In fact, many people are initially […]

I certainly hope not. I repeatedly hear and read that MS patients experience worse symptoms in the heat–it’s said that an increase in core temperature spikes our problems. Despite the severity of my CNS damage, I’ve felt increased symptoms… once? maybe twice? in the heat… and it wasn’t truly in the heat. It was in […]