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Here’s an article that came out recently: Can Indazole Chloride Cure MS? It’s a lot of sciencey-geeky stuff in the article (of which I am one, so let me sum it up)–but bottom line, this compound seems to mimic the effects of estrogen without most of the nasty side-effects–higher risk of breast and ovarian cancer […]

The local MS Society chapter was wowed by the $1600+ that I raised last month! Woo hoo! And, of course, I’m thinking about all sorts of changes for next year. One of the big changes I’m thinking of making, since I anticipate being able to raise more money, is a minor change in destination for […]

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As a physiology junkie, I frequently scour the blogosphere and the news for MS articles… some to learn new things, sometimes to debunk my friends’ and family’s myths. Here’s my opportunity to pass some of what I’ve found along to you. Top 10 Myths About MS If you’ve lived with MS for a while, this […]