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I’m never satisfied anymore. I always have to work harder. Go more. Now… this involves a healthy level of pushing myself. There was a time in my life when I wasn’t “good enough” and I was self-destructive. That was a lifetime ago, and I’m proud to have overcome those years. But complacency isn’t the way […]

I’ve talked about goal-setting a lot here, and I’ve recently taken a bigger picture viewpoint of the things I want my body to be able to do, long-term. (Aside from waking up each morning, putting one foot in front of the other, the givens… or at least I assume they’re givens) I’d love to not […]

bragging rights


Sometimes, the right to brag can be a powerful motivator. That’s how today worked out for me. Once upon a time, endurance running and marathons were a big part of my life. I let it slide when I stopped participating in organized races (mostly due to cost, partially when I started teaching group fitness). Once […]