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So, like I mentioned, dealing with hand injury on my dominant side, and I won’t know the full extent until I see my doctor 10 days from now (MRI follow-up… initial injury over 5 weeks ago). As someone with degenerative disease, missing out on this much strength training is really frightening to me! I can’t […]

I try not to be negative about my MS, whether here or in real life. But sometimes, I think it misleads people to believe that everything is all unicorns and rainbows. Which it isn’t, right? I have been tired. I have lost strength, and I’ve had moments of blurred vision–not to mention paranoia about losing […]

So, when I went on that month-long trip… (that blog is also woefully behind) I had plans to do some yoga in the room. Something to keep myself strong. But then, the incredible heat wave hit. Over 20 days of 90-105 degrees in Europe… and it’s humid there. Needless to say, there wasn’t a ton […]

Is something I embrace. I look forward to being sore the day after a workout. In fact… as an MS person… I’m nervous when I’m not. You see, DOMS occurs because when we work out (or even just move your body in ways it’s not used to), our muscles develop really miniscule tears. It’s in […]

is this it?


Some days, I can’t help but wonder. I lift, I work out… a lot. I’m always sore somewhere. Yet I feel stagnant, or losing strength. This beast MS is slowly taking it away… Granted, winter quarter took away some of my workout time. I’m able to get to the gym more, as of a few […]