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(hopefully I’m not the only one who remembers that song) So, in my posts, I talk a lot about feeling good, having energy, and not experiencing many symptoms. Here’s where I admit to you that I do have the occasional rough time. I am going through a rough patch right now. I don’t think it’s […]

Happy Canada Day to my northern neighbors… only a mere 130 miles to my north, currently! So, after all of my more recent abdominal surgery medical crises I almost think the point of it all is so that I “forget” I have MS. And, really, when you have immediate pain that is a symptom of […]

settling down


After my past few months of nightmares (2 abdominal surgeries–the second one unexpected and major–followed by odd symptoms, which were related to the second surgery, which led to a third surgery) I seem to be bouncing back rather quickly! Part of it stems from knowing what I do… I decided, shortly after Surgery 3, that […]

flu shot


Every Friday this quarter, I’ve had a discussion session (for points) with my health students on a topic, controversial at times. We have a big international student population, and one of my goals for a non-majors class is to get them to talk in an educated manner about health, to be able to hold a […]

I do, for sure! (Happy May, by the way! We’re making it to longer, sunnier days!) Friendship is key in the reduction of stress, which is important in all aspects of health–keeping us from getting sick, reducing levels of cortisol (that pesky stress hormone that seems to be tied in to everything horrible for health […]

It really makes me mad. As someone with a chronic disease, whose pain symptoms are getting better but still deals with weakness and fatigue, I walk the few blocks into work and see people standing outside the building who are clearly 50+ pounds overweight, smoking… and they’re around my age, even younger. I think, “you […]