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… of which I have many — there are so many cool things to do in life — but if I mention my ideas, aren’t they more likely to be accomplished? Right? I see so many people of all ages who are aimless… no goals in life… they go to Dead-End Job that they hate, […]

I’m always talking about finding your life’s passion, grabbing it by the horns, and totally milking it. I do that as often as possible, because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Someone very close to me — probably the closest person to me — recently did that. I’m talking about my best friend, my husband. You see since […]

Well, you certainly need a little, but… lemme explain. Case study, here. There’s a student on the college campus where I teach who’s about 10 years younger than I am (early 30’s). Two years ago, she was in my nutrition class–she was very bright, but every day was gloom’n’doom. Waaahhh, another day closer to my […]

I’m teaching a non-majors health class (one I’ve taught several times), and interspersed with our heavy discussions on drug addiction, alcoholism, the workings of the menstrual cycle… I toss in interesting discussions and various exercises to get them to think. One that I recently came across and used a few days ago (you all can […]

I do, for sure! (Happy May, by the way! We’re making it to longer, sunnier days!) Friendship is key in the reduction of stress, which is important in all aspects of health–keeping us from getting sick, reducing levels of cortisol (that pesky stress hormone that seems to be tied in to everything horrible for health […]