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Thanks to Chris Guillebeau, some of us in the internet world conduct a personal annual review. Here, we ask ourselves what went well this year and what didn’t. You might be thinking–maybe I don’t want to run my life like a business. Fair enough. There’s a time and place for overanalyzing your life, and then […]

The local MS Society chapter was wowed by the $1600+ that I raised last month! Woo hoo! And, of course, I’m thinking about all sorts of changes for next year. One of the big changes I’m thinking of making, since I anticipate being able to raise more money, is a minor change in destination for […]

Talkin’ ’bout my FUNDRAISER! Whoa–successful beyond my wildest dreams! Last Saturday night, we took over the West Seattle Senior Center and played three hours of music to a crowd of about 100 attendees. I had no idea that so many were going to come! But thanks to wonderful publicity such as this piece, published in […]

Not only that, I wanted to make a splash during my 40th year, and I’d say this is something pretty significant! Tomorrow night!!! Come on down to West Seattle and join us, the West Seattle Big Band, for a night of swing. Toss in a few bucks ($15 is the suggested donation) to help with […]