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There is a certain social media platform these days where, just by the click of a button, you can show your favor just by saying “like”. The universal thumbs-up. Just a few weeks ago, when we traveled internationally, it occurred to me just how universal the thumbs-up has become, thanks to Facebook (whereas, in some […]

I’m finally linking this up with social media… In Search Of My New Normal on Facebook Like my page! Tell your friends! 🙂 I do let readers know of select posts, but I also share photos and random anecdotes. It took a while to do this, because I’ve been fearful about “coming out”, as I’ve […]

go do it. now.


A few weeks back, I was at the gym lifting weights, and the Olympics were on in the background on the TVs… (and I thought, hm, week 2 of the Olympics, and here’s my first glimpse. Huh. And likely my only.) Most of my fellow lifters were slowly curling… pause… watch TV… curl again a […]