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As you know, I don’t always write about MS, here. I am a college educator (I still have trouble using the word “professor”, since that implies a one-way relationship, as I had with my faculty back in the early ’90’s) and improving the system for our students is a big priority for me. I work […]

(taking a break from your previously-scheduled MS content to be teachery for a moment.) I teach at a downtown community college. We get quite the range of students: returning to school, a large international population, students just coming back from drug addiction and/or homelessness, high school students earning college credit… and often in the same […]

In a few short weeks, I’ll be hitting new territory–a new decade! Most people fear and dread it… I see new opportunities and challenges! I’ve done a lot of goal setting for this year, and during this year… and just as expected, sometimes things don’t turn out as planned. In fact, I think I did […]

until my milestone 40th birthday! (Well… minus two days. August 5th is my big day!) (btw, thanks for all of the recent comments, y’all, and thanks to all of the new followers! Good to see you guys and talk with you guys!) Six months back, I said I wanted to make a difference this year. […]