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Orthorexia: a proposed eating disorder involving an obsessive preoccupation with eating healthy food. (Wikipedia) In my 30’s — especially after my MS diagnosis (which was barely my 30’s, but whatever) — I made a concerted effort to “eat more healthfully”. To eat more of those plant-like things that I despised as a child, and still […]

Have you heard about the Mediterranean Diet? (I’m sure most of you have…) Maybe you have, but you only have a vague idea of what it is. It’s not really a “diet regimen” per se, but more a way of eating. Take a look at this food pyramid: From this, you can get a good […]

How many of us have gotten nutritional advice for our MS, or other autoimmune diseases? Or… have you read advice somewhere? If you’ve seen anything, or even if you haven’t, you’ll know a lot of the advice is super-strict: stick to organic produce only, eat organic meats and fish, many will say gluten-free and dairy-free… […]

Those of us with autoimmune disease (or any inflammatory condition) are told that turmeric is good for us, right? I take turmeric in capsule form as well every day as a supplement, but I figure it doesn’t hurt to consume turmeric in our food now and then, as well! I love middle Eastern flavors, and […]

It’s making the mainstream fitness media! Shape Magazine published a profile of a woman diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS who then took charge of her diet and exercise, to mitigate her symptoms. Shape Magazine Article on MS Patient We all know that MS is a “your mileage may vary” disease, and that even though Aurora […]