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These days, I try to leave my students with an inspirational last 10-15 minutes (or so) lecture. Often has to do with a personal story. This time, I didn’t have any personal struggle or tragedy to talk about–which I suppose is good–but the inspiration was more of a challenge. I came up with something in […]

Happy birthday… to ME! It’s a big one, too, as I start my 5th (!!) decade of life. While many people run the other direction from 40, I see it as an opportunity to start bigger and better projects than ever before! Over the past few weeks, I’ve been contemplating the things I’ve learned in […]

Thanks to Chris Guillebeau, some of us in the internet world conduct a personal annual review. Here, we ask ourselves what went well this year and what didn’t. You might be thinking–maybe I don’t want to run my life like a business. Fair enough. There’s a time and place for overanalyzing your life, and then […]

The more I go through life making change, the more I realize the influence of a simple positive attitude. One of my high school friends–who will remain unnamed–talks about big changes he wants to make, all sorts of big talk, on Facebook. He hasn’t directly mentioned the charities he’d like to support, but based on […]

I often hear folks asking how they can make a difference in the world… I did so recently, inadvertently (in a positive way!). Looking back, I realize that I took a risk and told a personal story, put a bit of my personal life in the public eye–but this helped one of my students a […]