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Have you ever read about a disease or medical condition, imagined symptoms, then feared the worst? One Saturday in September 2012, my left leg just didn’t hold up during my long run after work. The rest of the day went fine, so I thought nothing of it. The next day, I had zero balance in yoga class–totally unlike me.

My first doctor wondered if something was wrong in my lower back–I was hoping it was “only” a mass pinching my sciatic nerve but I also knew that the two other major motor nerves running down my leg had been affected. And my lumbar MRI looked better than an 18 year old’s, I was told. (Pretty amazing, considering I was 38 when it was done.)

Given my physiology background, I was ruling out everything that I could think of, other than MS… so when I took my MRI to my neuro and he was disturbed to see the damage, I wasn’t in shock, since my symptoms actually matched my diagnosis. I may be one of the few patients who, when told “you have MS”, ever responded, “I know”.

Aside from my uber-fascination with the human body, I am a community college professor of anatomy/physiology, nutrition, and health. I’m also a 500-hour comprehensively-certified Pilates instructor, and I’ve been known to teach indoor cycling classes here and there, as well. I do my best to stay as active as possible in spite of it all.

I love chatting with interesting people (hence my other love for travel, where I get to meet people from different backgrounds), so do stop by and say hi!

3 Responses to “about me”

  1. 1 Gretchen Whitney

    Stopping by to say hello. Read your blog about driftwood theater and proceeded to lose / forget which blog. So I went back thru blogs searching for you. My name is Gretchen live just above the theater, if you ever want to get together give me a call or emAil me. Wish I asnt saying welcome to “the club”. I think we could get our own Edmonds Support Group going

    • Hey Gretchen! Do you ever stop by for any of the shows? I’m in the box office a few times each run. Come by! Seeing live theater again is one of the best things that has happened to me (and my husband)!

  1. 1 about me… | In Search of My New Normal

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