my work schedule… #blessed


If you have a chronic illness, between flareups, fatigue, appointments, and just managing the little things, working a regular job is a challenge.

Yet… somehow, I manage to maintain 115% workload between two schools during the academic year (during the summer, I’m at just under 50% with one). And I maintain my health? How?

Online education — that’s where I do about half my work. (Twenty years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to write this post!) I am very lucky, being able to work only a few hours on site each day for a face-to-face school, and do the rest of my work at home. The work at home, between the two jobs, adds up, and I especially have to be disciplined with time during the weeks that I have multiple doctor’s appointments also eating into my schedule. But those mornings when my body is slower to get going? Yes, I still wake up early and start work early, but it’s nice to do it from my couch, and not have to sit in traffic to get to an uncomfortable desk.

Jealous? Well… the school I work for is growing by leaps and bounds, and hiring not only educators, but all sorts of people. (Some positions are not remote.) Check out Western Governors University (WGU) to see if you can find a new online workspace! And, you, too, can be blessed with a convenient schedule to work around the oddities of chronic health problems!

2 Responses to “my work schedule… #blessed”

  1. I am going to check out WGU. Thanks

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