So, like I mentioned, dealing with hand injury on my dominant side, and I won’t know the full extent until I see my doctor 10 days from now (MRI follow-up… initial injury over 5 weeks ago).

As someone with degenerative disease, missing out on this much strength training is really frightening to me! I can’t hold on to weights with a wrist and thumb injury.

I am somehow making do… I am using a lot of machines where I don’t have to grab. Typically I am a proponent of free weights — multiple muscle groups having to work in order to stabilize. But in times of need, the machines will do. Have I become a “machinist”?

I’ve also been using resistance bands as much as I can… I still have trouble fully holding the band, but I do what I can. All to maintain strength!

Yes, I am merely trying to tread water in terms of strength right now, rather than trying to build. We’ll see how much longer I’m stuck in a brace or with a nonfunctional hand…

Until then, I’m finding creative workout solutions!


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