so, i overcame a fear…


out of necessity.

A few months ago, I admitted my PTSD issues with IVs and infusions (bad, bad reaction to a drug I had pushed just over a year ago, where I had a lot of systemic spasticity to the point where my throat muscles closed up temporarily, and my entire body went into spasm — yay, bad Reglan reaction, and that was after Benadryl. I needed Haldol to stop the spasms that were so bad, I could not communicate…)

I didn’t even realize my issue until, when I simply had saline last fall for an ulcer flareup, I freaked out.

Yes. It was just saline.

A few weeks ago, I had another bad run of migraines (that’s been my “thing” recently; more on that later) and one was unresponsive to my own rescue meds. I sat on the couch one Sunday afternoon, feeling pain almost equivalent to when my post-abdominal surgery scar tissue was sticking to itself, and my gut literally tied in a knot. I knew the ER was my only option, because the toradol shot from Urgent Care that morning had done a little… but the headache came raging back.

I sat on the couch crying, because I knew I had to face my IV fear. Either that, or live with the crushing, nauseating pain…

So, I went into the ER and explained my fear/PTSD to each doctor and nurse who saw me. and they were perfectly fine with it. My husband/best friend was by my side, holding my hand as the saline drip started. (I watched everything — I’m one of those freaks who has to see the entire procedure to make sure everything is OK — and the RNs were so sweet about pushing all meds slowly, telling me everything that was going on… they were great. Props to Swedish Edmonds.

I hope to not need the ER for a migraine any time soon (two rounds of Dilaudid… and I still needed a Maxalt the next day) but I think I’ll consider them again if so…

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  1. 1 Stephen Yool

    Brava my dear!<3

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