create your own change


Soooo often… I talk to people who are overwhelmed… can’t take care of their health, their exercise, their sleep, whathaveyou… but they tell me that “hopefully things will calm down in the next few months”.

Will they? What are you actively doing so that things WILL calm down?

Because really… snowballs are snowballs. Entropy happens. Life does not magically calm down on its own. If you give a mouse a cookie… right?

If you reluctantly say yes to overtime, but never push back, it will be expected of you.

If you keep denying your body of the exercise it needs, it will just keep getting weaker, and you’ll have a worse starting point.

“But it’s not that easy.” I know, It’s not easy for any of us. But if you truly want to change, it really is that simple… you have to take charge of not moving in the same direction. Things don’t calm down on their own…

One Response to “create your own change”

  1. 1 Stephen Yool

    A great message!

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