land(fill) ho!


So, I recently started doing Rebif injections for my MS, again.

Previously, I used an autoinjector-device, so that I wouldn’t have to slowly push the syringe myself. It’s an acidic medication that stings, so the act of pushing a button that “flings it into me” was a lot more palatable. It was a spring-loaded device into which I loaded a fresh syringe each time I dosed myself.

I figured I’d do that again… and requested the autoinjector option, rather than individual syringes.

This time, it’s different. (or, it seems, they gave me the newer “rebidose” option.)

The syringes come in their own disposable autoinjector. That’s right — I inject three times a week, and each time, I throw away a large delivery mechanism along with it. And since it’s biohazardous sharps waste — luckily, I don’t have to pay for its disposal, but I’m sure someone, somewhere, has to pay the extra fee for it.

Holy landfill!!! 😮

These are the options that I’m talking about. Previously, I could reuse the injector, the delivery device, and I just threw out smaller syringes.

Based on the website, it seems that the reusable autoinjector is still available. I think I still have my old one… I have a month of these disposable ones, so I’m going to use them (they’d get thrown out, anyway) — but when I’m done, I’m going to ask for syringes to use with my old autoinjector!! There’s enough waste in this world, right?

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