dance ms swan song


Dance MS round 4 is coming up! (Poster will be… posted… forthcoming.)

But while traveling… and putting a lot of work into the fundraiser while traveling (not to mention my online work)… I’ve decided this will be it. Maybe Dance MS will come back at some point. But not in 2017, or at least not with the auction.

I have had many disappointments this year. The MS Society — the key beneficiary of the event — continues to disappoint with their “help” consisting of giving me merely their ideas of local volunteer organizations. It struck me, just a few months ago, that while they are always impressed by the work I do, that none of them have ever attended by event, despite two months’ notice each time. (So, why make them my main beneficiary? Name recognition. Donors will give to the MS Society with no question, whereas if I find a random research lab… it won’t generate so much attention.)

NB: I’ve been trying to place more of my personal focus on other chapters. I did Walk MS this April in Wenatchee, which was still the Northwest chapter, but I may try to find a 2017 Walk MS in another chapter. Maybe they aren’t any better organized, who knows…

Anyway… I’ve struggled to find even day-of volunteers, aside from 3-4 doting friends (one of whom may be playing in the band at the event). One of those situations where I wish I could clone myself to take care of multiple things at the same time. I’m having a hard time getting people to post the flyer on their facebook page…

So, yeah, it’s come down to a one-person show again despite my reaching out to even more channels (many of the volunteer meetup groups I’ve tried have told me that since it’s not for the homeless or education, it’s not something they support. It’s VOLUNTEER, it’s COMMUNITY!!)

I’ll be posting the flyer in a few days… so if you’re in Seattle or know anyone in Seattle, please spread the word! I was nearly filled to capacity last year, and I have a bit more space this year. I’d love to go out with my heart full…


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