pilates/exercise while traveling


Did you know… that there’s a whole world of exercise videos on youtube?

And that a number of them don’t require any equipment… therefore they can be used while traveling???

As I leave my happy place today (sigh) and get ready to return home tomorrow, I reflect on three weeks of travel. It’s impossible to maintain the same level of exercise that I do while I’m at home, especially since we want to spend time out seeing things, and with each other. 🙂 But after last year’s month-long Balkans trip where I felt utterly deconditioned afterward, I knew I had to do something during my travels.

One video series that has kept me going — and I’ve been doing it at home, too — is a bunch of free challenges from Robin Long. She is a fantastic Pilates instructor who has put together both a free 28-day Pilates challenge and a 30-day Pilates challenge, rotating through a focus on a different body part on a different day. Each of her videos is 7-10 minutes, so whether you have a busy day at home or on vacation, it’s very doable! (She does move the workout along quickly, however, with the understanding that it’s short!) I’ve been repeating my way through these free video series on vacation, and I’ve also been using them at home to make sure I get in at least a small amount of Pilates each day on top of my cycling/running/lifting. (Robin also has a subscription area of her site, which allows for longer videos, if you choose.) Good stuff, also interspersed with health and beauty tips!

Anyway — no excuses for not working out while on vacation! Check out youtube, for sure!


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