mediterranean diet


Have you heard about the Mediterranean Diet? (I’m sure most of you have…) Maybe you have, but you only have a vague idea of what it is.

It’s not really a “diet regimen” per se, but more a way of eating. Take a look at this food pyramid:


From this, you can get a good idea of how things are structured. Lots of plant foods. Meat only sometimes. Sweets occasionally. Calories and portions aren’t measured. (See? I told you it wasn’t a diet regimen.)

It’s how many of the old-school Mediterranean cultures have eaten for ages. And the thing is, this way of eating promotes good health all-around. It’s been associated with great cardiovascular health, for sure; but also reduced type 2 diabetes, and I’ve found preliminary articles associating this diet with reduced osteoporosis. It also really helps with sugar cravings!

Here’s the deal: for so long, we’ve reduced fat, fat, fat. But this diet includes all sorts of healthy fats and doesn’t restrict their portions. There was a study not too long ago that took older men, all who’d had heart attacks, split the group in half, put half on the standard low-fat American Heart Association diet and half on the Mediterranean (whole foods, but no limit to fat) diet — the Mediterranean group did so much better that they stopped the research study.

Why do I ramble on and on about this? Because… I’m sure that it may be a good thing for those of us with autoimmune disease. Yes, if you have the willpower to go all the way with the Wahls Protocol, go ahead — but I can’t restrict my diet in that way (and I also haven’t had enough symptoms to give myself motivation to do so). For now, my diet leans Mediterranean.

Not long ago, I thought… there must be some food bloggers who write about the Mediterranean diet, so we can all share recipes, right? … Right????? Well….. ends up not really. Sad.

So perhaps I’ll end up posting some Mediterranean (healthy, following the pyramid, not those “occasional treats”) recipes here, to share with everyone. Because I already have some! Of course, there are the standards: baked fish with lemon, steamed broccoli, etc etc but sometimes we want something a little more exciting, right?

Onward! Or maybe… salud!


2 Responses to “mediterranean diet”

  1. 1 Erica

    You might enjoy this blog by a Greek-American dietitian and nutritionist: The author is a big proponent of the Mediterranean diet, most of her recipes fit into it, and they look yummy.

    That said, please do share your recipes!

    (FYI – I don’t know you and don’t have the same health issues, but I follow you as a role model for living with chronic illness generally. I forget how I found you, but I’m glad I did!)

    • Oh, Erica, thanks so much for your comment — that means a lot! ❤ I love that I'm a role model! I try to make myself one — I don't always have happy days, but I try to *put* the happy into my days as much as possible! 🙂

      I took a quick look at the blog, and it does look good! Thanks for passing it along. Like I mentioned, I found a handful of other Mediterranean blogs that focused mostly on the treats… which are fine, but not 100% of the time, right? 😉

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