walk ms… i’m signed up! donate!!!


So… I’m drinking the kool-aid. I never thought I’d participate in so many MS events each year, but I’m feeling the need to raise as much for research as possible, considering a) all I’ve felt in terms of drug side-effects this tear and b) the MS fatigue I’ve noticed recently. I’m pouring efforts toward MS.

I know that many who read this also have MS, and may also be doing a walk near them (Thank you!!!) but if you have even a dollar or two… I would much appreciate it. I don’t have any donation minimum, so I don’t need to meet any goals, yet adding some cash to what I already build with Dance MS each year would feel great.

Many of you know that I live in Seattle, so you might be thinking — Wenatchee? Huh? Ends up the Seattle events fall on my husband’s birthday, and I’d like to give him a birthday option other than an MS fundraiser with me. Besides, I so rarely get east of the Cascades…

Here’s the link to my donation site. Thank you so much!

Brooke’s Walk MS Site


5 Responses to “walk ms… i’m signed up! donate!!!”

  1. Hey Brook, kudos to you! I can’t walk…I have a whole host of other issues on top of MS so I will donate to you! It my take me a minute but I’ll donate something has to be done about this debilitating, dignaty taking disease😡

    • OMG — THANK YOU so much! This means so much to me! 🙂 As much as I can do — walk, run, crawl — to help any of us who have this disease, I will do it.

      • Ok, I’m sure you will understand this one…after our convo about me donating (because I can’t do the walk/run myself)…I forgot who I said I would donate to …CAN YOU SAY MS BRAIN???…teehee it finally dawned on me to go into my notices and find our conversation so I’m donating right now…it’s not much but we are on a serious budget right now…have fun! AND LET’S KICK THE SHIT OUT OF THIS CRAPPY DISEASE!

  2. 4 Steve Yool

    Yes, kudos! ❤

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