travel this year?


We love traveling to exotic places, right? 🙂 What’s in store for this year?

Well, we figured we should stick closer to home (ha, closer for us) with a new business and everything. (by the way, check out the website — Daltons Midway Service. If you need car repair about 30 miles north of Seattle…)

A few years ago, we took a road trip through the Southeast and loved the highlights we hit in North Carolina. So, we’re going back only to that state (plus a few boundary areas) for a few weeks between July and August. Whoda thunk I’d be SO looking forward to North Carolina? 🙂

I absolutely adore the Outer Banks (and I like good barbecue, as well) but I’m also looking forward to exploring the other cities!

We loved our trip through the Southeast a few years ago. We like traveling internationally, but there’s so much that’s interesting here to see in the US. We’re so diverse, especially since the two of us haven’t moved around that much!

Meanwhile, I have my eyes on Peru for one of our next international trips… 🙂


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