reachin’ out


Yesterday was another big accomplishment for me as a nutrition instructor. You see, I’ve been teaching for quite some time, but I feel I want to extend my public health influence beyond the classroom.

So when a National Science Foundation grant came about where science/math students could work with faculty mentors on a project to further their studies, I jumped on the opportunity. I created a presentation and let my students (3 former students) select a topic, which they chose as Eating for Stress Reduction and Increased Energy. They worked for almost 2 months on a 45-minute presentation that they gave yesterday, open to the public as part of Health Week at the school gym.

Sadly, attendance was low. šŸ˜¦ However, as I reminded the students, there was one woman who asked many legitimate questions, took a lot of notes, and said she got a lot out of it! In other words, I told them what a big influence they had on at least one person — if not the others in attendance who were not so vocal!

They were well-organized and entertaining. The organizer of Health Week was impressed, and liked my students’ presentation better than the professional presentation given on the previous day!

I’m going to do this again with another set of students next quarter (the grant continues through the academic year) because it’s another way to extend my reach into the general community, in a time when proper nutritional education is so scarce.

Feeling powerful and changing the world! šŸ™‚

One Response to “reachin’ out”

  1. 1 Steve Yool

    Good on ya and congrats! May the Force continue to be with you! ā¤

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