placing blame… who’s the victim…


If I could count the number of times I read or hear the victimization attitude… well, I don’t have that amount of time in a day to count that high.

“I’m late to bring my assignment to class because traffic was late. Not my fault!”

“My car insurance rates are so high because I got hit by three lame-ass people last year, and the adjuster said it was MY fault! Clearly it wasn’t!” etc etc.

“I can’t help but gain weight because of the food that my KIDS want to eat!”

Well… there are some thing sin life we can control. There are a lot of things we can’t. (MS, and other illnesses, among them, aside from any lifestyle measures we take.) To this, and these people, I say… life goes on.

We all have unfair things happen to us. Learn to live with it. Make the best of it. Did something unfair happen and cause you to lose money? Don’t waste time complaining; rather, spend your time looking for a job, educating yourself online (lots of free resources)… etc. Are you gaining weight because of an inopportunity? Rather than complaining about that, spend your 10 minutes of complaining doing a free exercise video.

You get the point.

Not that I never complain… it’s human nature to want to vent every now and then… but after your few moments of letting off steam, see if you can’t turn it into something productive.

(Happy late Valentine’s Day. Especially to my best friend and the love of my life, who I know is reading this.)

One Response to “placing blame… who’s the victim…”

  1. 1 Steve Yool

    I could not agree more! As they say: When confronted with lemons, make lemonade! Or as the late Randy Pausch said in his Last Lecture: You’ve got to play the hand you’re dealt. ❤

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