obsessing much?


So, I’ve been prone to obsessing.

It’s like… my own FOMO.

If you’ve been through massive life-changing experiences, you might get this. But I’ve had this “I only have how many good summers left in my life?” playing through my head ALL the time. And I keep on doing the math on how many good days?

Especially recently, when Gilenya and hormones have gotten my body down on a daily basis, and sometimes going through the work-gym-home motions is a drag. (But I don’t want to sleep the day away! That would be a waste of my precious life!)

I feel like I’m obsessing over every activity. Is this worth it? Would I look back from my deathbed and be happy about what I did on Feb 13th, 2016? Every second of it?

(I tell myself that the 5-minute brain-breaks from work — since I spend a lot of time working from home in solitude, for an online school — are worth it, as well. There’s a time and place for silly videos, in moderation. Just no more than 30 minutes a day! Time wasted, that you enjoy, is not wasted time, after all!)

I hope I’m not the only one who obsesses like this…

But then, I obsess about all of the cortisol storm that I’m creating in my body when I am obsessing…

Argh, it never ends…

I need to get back to yin yoga.


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