guilty pleasures.


Looks like we’ll be able to fulfill one of our guilty pleasures this summer…

A few summers ago, we roadtripped through part of the Southeast US. We vowed we’d get back to a few places. First off, we fell in love with the Outer Banks (North Carolina beaches) — just a little bit touristy, just enough, without going overboard. Great weather — a breeze gets rid of the oppressiveness of the heat. Oh, and seafood. I Got Your Crabs — now that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout. Butcher paper on the counter, freshly boiled crab legs, served by local fishermen who’ll chat you up. 🙂

But… heh… another guilty pleasure: we stayed outside Great Smokies park, thinking that would be a major attraction for us. Meh — who cares about the park. (Not really, but it looks a lot like where we live in the Pacific Northwest!) So, we spent time in the neighboring town of Gatlinburg and the overly-kitschy Pigeon Forge. (Both in Tennessee.) Just kitschy enough that it reminded us of childhood tourist attractions. And… dare I say that we really liked it… 😀 and really wanted to return.

So now that we’ve recently bought a business and can’t take the time for a month-long trip — but we can manage two weeks — why not go back this summer, we say?

I’m looking at websites and planning accommodations and I have to say… I’m getting really excited to get back there. Touristy kitsch, ’80’s style, made modern. But, we like what we like, right? No shame!


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