have fun.


Just about an hour ago, I was working one (of many!) volunteer shifts at our local community theater, and I met a couple who was new to volunteering at the theater. They were a youthful, fit, probably mid-50’s.

They talked about having totally revamped their diet recently. No sugar, no wheat, no dairy. Occasional meat and fish, mostly vegetables and beans. And since they didn’t really have cooking skills, it was so boring. But it’s what they “had to do”…

Why? Because his brother was just diagnosed with cancer, and (not remembering all details) another close relative had cancer. They “read a book” (believe everything you read, right?) that cancer feeds on sugar and dairy, so they’ll never eat it again, for fear of the Big C. So many people are dying of cancer!

And they live a boring life. How soon will they die of boredom?

So, I told them, first off, that I teach nutrition. And that I see a lot of 20-year-olds with the same fear.

And I told them what I tell my students: maybe there is an increased incidence of cancer. But much of what we see is better detection methods, in my opinion. Think about it: 50 years ago (not that I was around!), people would die at age 70 from “old age”, “natural causes”, and other such vagaries. People died from “getting old”, whatever that meant. Nowadays, we have sophisticated MRIs that can see fine detail (if you have MS, you have had detailed MRIs like me!) and can detect the smallest tumors… so rather than the “old age” label, we know when a person has cancer.

Thus, I would say a good percentage of the “old age” folks 50 years ago would, nowadays, be diagnosed with cancer, or Alzheimers’, or another disease we weren’t as good at seeing, back then.

The guy at the theater, before running off to the next thing, looked sincere when he thanked me. Not that it’s a free pass to go overboard on the bad stuff; I certainly don’t. But I think it’s OK to HAVE FUN with your food now and then. Because I think that dying of boredom might be almost as bad as dying of cancer. Live life!

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  1. My neuro-oncologist said pretty much the same thing at the start of my treatments when we asked about nutrition. She asked cautiously, “What do you mean… exactly?” because she hears so much about the ketogenic diet for cancer patients. She told me that there is no scientific evidence that “sugar feeds cancer cells”. Basically, she said a healthy diet – like a sensible that we’ve been hearing about for EVER- that is helpful to anyone trying to maintain a healthier body is what I should be aiming for. Unfortunately, a lot of people want a magic bullet to cure them. I know I feel healthier since I’ve focused on lean proteins, plenty of fruits and veggies (especially green, green, greens), nuts & legumes and no longer think of fast food and processed crap as “food” at all. The one thing she did say that there was scientific evidence is to try to stick to organic as much as possible. Anyway, the last time my father came to visit (diagnosed Type 2 diabetes), I did some research to support his health while he was here. Guess what? Medical advice for nutrition is basically the same for him! ha! Funny thing is – I feel better, so I “have fun” and “live life” like this! Go figure! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, June, for backing me up on this! The problem with any really restrictive diet is that you follow it for a week, maybe a month if you’re really motivated, then you say — “to hell with this!” and you go back to your old ways. Moderation, reasonable eating, minimizing but not entirely disposing of sugar… that’s the way to go! πŸ™‚

  2. 3 Steve Yool


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