another new endeavor!


I just don’t stop… do I?

My husband and I have been involved in local community theater for a while. We’ve helped out a small group with a small budget, that is run almost entirely by volunteers. Yet Edmonds Driftwood Players manages 9 shows per year, plus other activities.

I’ve volunteered in the box office for many shows (I like interacting with guests! what can I say?) but I recently took on a bigger role: I am producing a show which opens in just under 6 weeks. A producer is basically a project manager, coordinating all people involved and all parts involved. I’ve had roles from helping choose which actors to cast (which we did in November) to buying snacks for rehearsals (which is hard, given a small budget) to figuring out when all of the crew members are available for various meetings.

I’d say I’m about halfway through the project at this point, as we’ve just started rehearsals. I’m surrounded by great resources, yet it still takes a chunk of my time. Right when I feel like more of the pieces are falling into place, there’s another empty hole that I discover.

(And yet it’s nothing like my singlehandedly planning DanceMS. I have a lot of people that I can count on for this.)

Anyway, this is something new in which I can stretch myself, which is great! If you’re in the Seattle area, come on by and check out Neil Simon’s Proposals. It runs 3 weeks, opening February 19th and closing March 6th.


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