a wild and crazy idea


… of which I have many — there are so many cool things to do in life — but if I mention my ideas, aren’t they more likely to be accomplished? Right?

I see so many people of all ages who are aimless… no goals in life… they go to Dead-End Job that they hate, and come home to watch Local Sports Team while drinking Drink of Choice until well-buzzed, or worse. They try to convince themselves of their pseudo-happiness as they repeat this sad pattern every day.

Me, I’m bursting at the seams with so many things I want to do, it’s crazy! There’s never enough time for all of my hobbies. And no, none of them involve binge-watching TV or movies.

So, what’s the crazy idea? I want to help people achieve their goals! I want to help people figure out what their goals are, in the first place! I believe that everyone deserves to live their happiest life, once they find the means to get there.

But most people don’t know how… and I have some ideas on how to direct people there.

What if I created a worksheet for download and put it up here, and charged a minimal amount? Minimal, because I’d like to see how a bit of monetization works, But minimal, also, because I believe in helping people find their goals.

Thoughts? (Other than… how many things do I already have on my plate? I’ll wait until after my theater production, so this will be after March.)


8 Responses to “a wild and crazy idea”

  1. 1 Steve Yool

    Wow! Not crazy at all! You would be the best (virtual) life coach (VLC, LLC)! ❤

  2. Interesting idea. How would you think the worksheet would help people in finding what their goals are? Or would it be meant to help them reach the goal when they’ve figured it out?

    • I have lots of thoughts — and I’m trying not to give away my “secret sauce”, but it’s both. I could have a “part A” and a “part B” in case someone struggles with one and not the other. (See? This discussion helps me refine. Thanks!) I have some questions that I’ve used with students to help them narrow down what they want to do in life, and it’s a little different for different people.

      As for reaching goals, many people think they’re not financially possible. Some are unrealistic and may not be achievable (for instance, you may not be able to run for US President — but I’m talking about *realistic* life goals). I have some strategies for financial prioritization that I’ve used when my husband and I have had trouble finding work, and have still been able to enjoy life. (Now — quite the opposite — we’re overrun with work! Interestingly, some parts of life are more complex and, at times, less enjoyable…)

      • I’m huge fan of setting goals, making game plans and of course acting to achieve them 🙂
        This year I’m doing a complete 180 degree turn in that! Check out my blog tomorrow for more 😉

      • Awesome, AOS! I’ll try to remind myself to take a look at your post — tomorrow’s first day of the quarter, plus three (!) meetings for the show I’m producing…

        I might have to look on Tuesday. 😀

      • BTW — just quickly scrolled through your page — I like the song (Stratovarius) — I listen to Opeth now and then, myself 🙂 I know they’re not Finnish…

  3. So many people could use a life coach who is able to motivate them. Another option might be to create a short book with the ability to purchase on Amazon if that allows the tests to be accessed there.

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