merry christmas!


Well… hello!

I hope to be here more frequently in the future. Haven’t I said that before?

I’ve also become a volunteer theater producer on top of everything else. Besides MS, I’ve had lots of upper GI issues (that have put me in the hospital, that have puzzled my GI doc) and, rather than spending time writing, I’ve been trying to spend time living life.

Food prep, so that I can have the right things for my stomach and the rest of my body, has also unfortunately taken over my life, but I’m sure many of you know how that goes. Yet I know that I’m putting healthy things into my body (85% of the time… trust me, I do have fun with my food, still), so I know my hard work pays off.

I had a great run teaching a few sections of nutrition last quarter, and got fantastic feedback, and so I’m doing it again in the winter! I’m also attempting (crossing fingers for full approval) to create a service learning project for a few of my former students, dealing with public health/nutrition. More on that later — gotta get back to my morning coffee and exercise, then to spend Christmas with my best friend! 🙂

I’ll post before the new year, but if you don’t stop by here before then, have a prosperous 2016 — stay true to yourself, and go do it!


One Response to “merry christmas!”

  1. 1 Steve Yool

    Yes coffee! Yes Christmas! Yes you!

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