two steps forward…. two steps back


Not the dance we want to do…

With MS, we constantly fight the battle of losing strength, right? I spend so much time lifting weights, or doing bodyweight exercise, or doing Pilates, to try to at least break even, and even that doesn’t feel like enough much of the time.

Especially when my body doesn’t cooperate, and I have to take time off from heavy exercise. I had a lot of stomach pain problems through September and early October, and even yoga was unappealing to me for many days. But after a few weeks, I was able to get going again, back to my “old self”.

Just a few days ago, I started adding in 30 burpees as part of my exercise routine. (I had to take a few breaks. But I got back to it rather quickly, and finished the 30 within 3 1/2 minutes each time.) I was aiming to do that about 4 times a week.

Then, last Thursday… I have no idea what happened, but I had a pain flare-up again, involving almost worse pain than before. Not being able to take a deep breath. More time away from workouts. It’s an endless cycle.

I don’t think these stomach bouts are MS-related (it’s not slower digestion or swallowing problems, so I wouldn’t call it gastroparesis). So it doesn’t seem fair that something unrelated to my disease is forcing my disease to slow me down…

I’m hoping for an endoscopy soon… to put an end to all of this.


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