back on the grid


Yes… it’s been nearly a month since I posted. Between fundraiser (successful! more later), quarter starting (too much in addition to my other job), and dealing with medical things (also more later), I am in above my ears. Oh, and there’s a new business, too? There’s another future post.

All of this activity, and to what end?

I’m still a mostly optimistic, happy person. Though I’m not quite the cheerful, energetic soul I once was in front of the classroom. Things have changed.

As a blogger (eh, sort of), I spend some time each week reading other blogs, and travel blogs are on my radar, as you might imagine. Recently, a travel/lifestyle blogger (whom I hadn’t even heard of — I feel so disconnected, but his ideas resonate with me) was killed in a tragic climbing accident. The news poured all through the blogosphere… But I really appreciated Nomadic Matt’s post — check it out here.

I read it, and thought… wait, just a year ago, I was that person. I was thrilled to have survived emergency abdominal surgeries, and welcomed each day. I took every single opportunity, no matter what. What the hell is dragging me down, anymore? (And I refuse to let MS be my constant “fall guy” on this one.)

Yes. I have a ton of crap going on. And there are a bunch of whiners in this world that have an easier life than I do, but there are also some who have it much, much harder than I do.

And isn’t a lot of our life’s perspective based on our own framing of it, anyway? If we’re positive… won’t we feel at least a little better?

So. Without being a total cheese about it, I’m going to be silly and positive in front of the classroom again, starting tomorrow. Maybe I’m still not thrilled about getting up at 5:15, but — baby steps, right?

(And the online job is killing me. It may have to go, now that we have a hopefully-reliable additional source of income.)

One Response to “back on the grid”

  1. 1 Steve Yool

    Fantastic, uplifting message; I concur being positive is the best of tonics! Thank you. 🙂

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