on reframing thoughts.


I’m afraid to say that I’m dealing with another set of medical issues. Not clear exactly what’s going on, so I won’t say yet.

(It’s one of those times, again, where I think… “can’t I just have MS? That’s enough, thankyouverymuch.”)

But as we tackle difficult issues, especially ones out of our control, our minds immediately stray to the “why me”s and the “life isn’t fair”s. Especially as one who leads a healthy lifestyle, I’ve had more than my share of “what the…” medical issues that seem to completely come out of left field.

During these difficult times, I challenge you–us–to reframe your thoughts. Instead of “woe is me” or something similar, think constructively about how you can address things, how you can move forward. If this isn’t the way you think, maybe take a moment of gratitude, and think of your wonderful support network. (I, for one, am very grateful for the nonstop support of my husband, who’s dropped everything many times to take care of me.)

After all, attitude is so important. It’s not as though we have scientific data to prove it (happy people get cured, while sad people don’t! is not an easy study to conduct) but there’s strong evidence to suggest that. (Nerd alert! Correlation vs. causation and all that.)

Chin up, everyone! 🙂 We’re in this life together.


One Response to “on reframing thoughts.”

  1. 1 Steve Yool

    Sage comments these.

    It reminds me that I still subscribe to Ven. Ajahn Brahm, which includes this wisdom about Sickness: To need and be needed; it seems very good.

    Thinking about you…

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