get a grip


Just a few days ago (a supposed partial “day off” where I only had 2 hours of my online job, so I could catch up on cooking, cleaning house, and prepping fall quarter), I broke a dish.

Luckily, it wasn’t a sentimental one. It was a useful one, so that was annoying. But I had cooked a few things, had to clean a few dishes for reuse, and was washing the glass blender when… it slipped and landed on the bowl in the sink. Cracked through the side.

I’ve been tired recently (two day-trips of over 300 miles recently will do that to you, both work-related) so I’m hoping that’s it–also, our recent cold snap has dried out my skin–

But I’ve also been losing my grip. Grip strength has been a challenge for me since my diagnosis, and it’s been slowly getting worse. You’d think that I get a lot of strength training, being a piano player, but that doesn’t really seem to improve my fine motor skills too much.

Mind you, I can still reach out and grab things just fine on a regular basis. I can still write, I can still hold a steering wheel. But opening jars has been a problem. The tendons at the base of my left thumb have been weak. If I do too much vinyasa yoga (all those planks and weight on my wrists), the base of my left thumb will tell me… I just don’t have enough strength built up there.

So will this ever improve? The rehab exercise therapist in me says, “do these exercises X times a week and you will see improvement.” The one I really need to do for both hand and forearm strength is simply wringing out a towel… But as with the rest of my body so far, will I improve? Or will I just stagnate?

I guess I won’t know until I try. (Adding yet another exercise to the already-busy routine.)


2 Responses to “get a grip”

  1. My grip is also going. I can’t open jars sometimes. What’s worse is I can’t d my hair either with a pony tail or hair spike leaving my poor husband to deal. He only had sons LOL! It is frustrating and happens more when I am fatigued or stressed. I type all day and was a flautist so….

  2. 2 Steve Yool

    I keep a tennis ball in the car, and squeeze it with my hands when stopped at lights. It seems to help my finger strength.

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