no more slacking off


So, when I went on that month-long trip… (that blog is also woefully behind) I had plans to do some yoga in the room. Something to keep myself strong. But then, the incredible heat wave hit. Over 20 days of 90-105 degrees in Europe… and it’s humid there.

Needless to say, there wasn’t a ton of energy to exercise, other than the walking around we did. (If you know anything about the walled cities of the Croatian coast, you know there was some exercise involved… for sure… instant stairmaster!)

But when I came back, 28 days of no strength training later… I had nothing. MS had gotten the better of me. Total lack of strength. The normal person will lose muscle mass while not exercising for a few weeks… imagine someone whose motor nerves don’t function as well.

But I went right back into it (I taught spin 48 hours after returning; I had to, to stay on the “active employee” roster at the gym) and… a week later, total upper body spasms. Really painful. I had to take a few days off of lifting all together, and anything impactful. Even going down the stairs jarred me a lot.

Now, was that related to my lack of exercise, then getting back into it too quickly? MS in general? Something totally random? Gnomes tying me in knots in the middle of the night? Really, I’ll never know…

But even so, the total loss of strength, which will take a while to recover (if ever), is disturbing enough that I vow to never do that again. I may not do the hours of exercise that I do at home, but I must do something while on lengthy trips.

Or else risk more loss of function…


3 Responses to “no more slacking off”

  1. Hope you’ll get your energy back soon! It’s sometimes really tough traveling with a chronic illness, at least I get completely exhausted by the trips themselves so lack of energy in the middle of heat wave is understandable…

    • Thanks, Athlete. I just keep on pushing through everything, no matter what–I’m just irritable and slow-moving when I lack energy. It worries me, that this is part of my “new normal”, though… while many people strive for a perfect macronutrient ratio for weight loss or bulking up, I’m dong it just so I can feel decent…

  2. 3 Steve Yool

    Keep at it! Keep on doing it! ;- )

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