dance ms promotion! october 3!


Just over a month, I am holding this event here in Seattle:

Coming up in just over a month!

Coming up in just over a month!

It may be called DanceMS, but you don’t need to dance… you are welcome to sit and listen, and chat with friends! It’s a great time to gather with your community and have some fun. I happen to be the piano player for this band, and they support me with this event every year.

There is a live and silent auction that I’ve been working on since before the summer started–items include a wine tasting party for 20, drum lessons, a book from the ubiquitous travel guru Rick Steves… and much more! (Participation in the auction is also optional, but always fun to watch people battle it out in bidding wars.)

Ticket sales have been SLOW, so I am working harder than hard on promotion for this event. Please, if you know people in Seattle, let them know! Especially people with an MS connection. I also work hard to keep expenses as minimal as I can, so that I can maximize donations!

My goal this year is to have enough door sales/donations so that I can skim off 10% for donation to a research lab at UCSF (my graduate alma mater), putting even more emphasis on a cure. After all, if the disease were cured, there would be no need for wheelchairs, getting people to appointments, etc…

So–please come! And, please help me promote! Last year was much smaller than the first year. I don’t want that to happen again this year…


One Response to “dance ms promotion! october 3!”

  1. 1 Steve Yool

    Great event for a great cause! I’ll be helping to top donations from last year!

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