wrapping things up


If you haven’t been following my schedule to the letter… today culminates or 28-day tour of the Balkans (at least the Western region–Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro). Tomorrow, we fly home.

I’m glad to say that I didn’t have any major health mishaps (I did eat a little too much dairy from time to time, and my gut complained). But the logistics of transportation and accommodations–dealing with that for almost a month–are leaving us wanting an American resort trip! Yes, it’s pitiful, I know; but!e contact with until the 11th hour… I guess it’s the laid-back nature of the area…

Oh well, everything worked out, and I think we saw all that we wanted to for this round–and there are some places we’d like to revisit! We even have four restaurants that we absolutely loved from the trip. (We were able to visit all of them more than once!)

If you want to read more… yes, I’ve been working on yet another blog from that trip. It’ll take a while to complete, but there are pictures! Check us out at http://BandBintheBalkans.wordpress.com/!


One Response to “wrapping things up”

  1. 1 Steve Yool

    Your narrative and pictures are fantastic! I feel like I was there! Wonderful! Hvala!

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