traveling can be rough


Yeah, I know. Life is tough, right? Waahhh.

But I mention this as a warning, for those of us (you?) who ever travel long-term, say, three weeks or more. Looking back, we typically don’t travel more than three weeks, especially a trip in an area so different from home. This trip, in total, is 28 days.

So what do we want to do when we get to each new destination? We want to go out! We want to see things! Go! Do!

And as we head into the fourth week of this trip… I need to remind myself that this is more than I do, physically, on a daily basis at home, even with my multiple jobs and my tough workouts. (Add to that, the temperature here has been 90-95 degrees with 50%+ humidity every day, except for one that I remember. Very draining!) And as I mentioned in the last post, I had wonderful intentions to maintain some of my same healthy diet as I do at home, but the produce has been subpar.

Through this learning experience, we have come up with a new plan for future travels, especially for those over two weeks in length in new or exotic destinations: plan one day every two weeks (or more frequently) to relax, hang out at the beach (if applicable), maybe book into a nicer hotel with better amenities… bottom line, a more relaxing day every two weeks.

Otherwise… I’m running into feeling burned out at the end of this trip. (I think it’s mostly the heat and intellectual burnout.) Travel is a learning process on so many levels!


One Response to “traveling can be rough”

  1. 1 Steve Yool

    Amen to all you’ve said here! : – )

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