the “perfect” autoimmune diet


How many of us have gotten nutritional advice for our MS, or other autoimmune diseases? Or… have you read advice somewhere?

If you’ve seen anything, or even if you haven’t, you’ll know a lot of the advice is super-strict: stick to organic produce only, eat organic meats and fish, many will say gluten-free and dairy-free… all to keep our disease from progressing. (If it actually helps with your symptoms–great. For me, as someone who really doesn’t have many symptoms–to eat a diet so restrictive to possibly fend off something that might potentially happen, maybe… it’s a tough choice!)

Anyway, Greatist recently published an article about a young woman with several health problems, including an autoimmune disease, who went on a super-strict diet for a while, and eventually lightened up on herself. Not that she went back to her former bad habits… and not that I have bad habits… but I allow myself plenty of wiggle room. Read the story!

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