inevitables of chronic illness


Many of us with chronic illness have “invisible” problems. Who knows I have MS unless I tell them, really? (But I’m a heck of a lot more tired than I used to be. And I don’t have the bounce in my step that I used to, either.)

But I try to ignore my invisible symptoms and just go on with life. We all do that, right?

In any case, invisible or not, there are many things inevitable that come with chronic illness. Half the time, I don’t want people to know about my MS, because of the over-sympathy. You know how it goes: they put their hand on your shoulder, they furrow their brow, and say with concern: “no, really–how are you?”

Not that I want people to ignore me entirely. 🙂 But I’m far from a delicate piece of china!

Off topic from where I was going. One of the items on this list mentions talking yourself out of cancelling doctor’s appointments. Oh, boy. That’s a BIG one for me. Between MS, chronic migraines, and all of my abdominal issues, I’m at a practitioner a few times a month, if not more. And, if I have a flare-up that I can’t manage, I’ll go to urgent care (where they know me well). But sometimes, I feel like I spend a lot of time just whining about my problems… ugh. So I’ll deliberate for a while: is this pain really that bad? Should I bother the doctors about it? How much of their precious time should I be taking?

And I usually end up going, anyway, because my head is splitting, or my gut is cramping despite oxycodone and zofran. I just have to remind myself that some of us need medical care more than others, and that yes, my case is worthy of their time…


2 Responses to “inevitables of chronic illness”

  1. 1 Steve Yool

    People with a strong sense of self worth take care of themselves; and you are exemplary, I am happy to say!

    • 🙂 It’s worth it to take care of oneself… especially so as not to be a burden on anyone else!

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