delayed onset muscle soreness


Is something I embrace. I look forward to being sore the day after a workout.

In fact… as an MS person… I’m nervous when I’m not.

You see, DOMS occurs because when we work out (or even just move your body in ways it’s not used to), our muscles develop really miniscule tears. It’s in the healing of these really tiny tears that muscle building and strengthening occurs.

So… as someone who has trouble building muscle because of MS, I am beyond thrilled when I’m sore–that means that my body is able to go through the rebuilding process. And I am especially mindful of my diet during those times.

Now, am I sore the day after lifting weights? Honestly, less than half the time. It could be because I’m not lifting heavy enough, but that could be from general fatigue during my workout. I’m not slacking off; there’s no room for error in life anymore! When I work out, I do it for real.

So the next time you’re sore from a workout… think differently! Your body is repairing and getting stronger. But feed it carefully so that you actually do generate muscle tissue!


2 Responses to “delayed onset muscle soreness”

  1. 1 Steve Yool

    This is a really good insight IMHO. I’m interested in the mechanism that mediates signalling of post-workout soreness and how MS might affect DOMS. That said, you’re not a slacker, so I think you’re getting stronger and need to lift more to get sore. 🙂

    • Well, it affects how the signal is transmitted through the neurons in both sensory (afferent) and motor (efferent) directions, so I can lift as heavy as I can handle–which I do–but if the signal doesn’t travel from the spinal cord out to the peripheral effectors, my muscles don’t get quite a strong enough signal to contract. Less contraction, fewer microtears from exercise, less DOMS. That’s my theory, at least…

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